Thursday, 3 June 2010

Polymer clay

Well I have finally gotten round to trying to make a few polymer clay noses for my bears.  Lots were too big, some were too small, but I'm sure that in time I will find a wee face perfect for them!  My first attempts are Amber and Cherith, and I love how they have worked out! 


  1. Well done, There is nothing like a big black nose to make me smile :-)

  2. I love the large snout as well as the actual nose....

    Do you put in a wire to attach it with? I've not tried making noses ...but, might have to give it a try.... I still usually just embroider mine...

  3. I make them and insert a wire loop, just like the wire on the back of a glass eye, you do need a dab of adhesive as well to hold the nose in place to stop it spinning about. I still do embroidered noses too, but it's surprising how a clay nose will give a totally different look :)